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Association Management

You need

You are in a phase of change, want to renew your organization or want professional input. But you do not have the internal resources.

What is behind this?

The world is changing, and associations want or need to adapt. Neutral and professional support helps an internal (change) process to accelerate such a change. It can be a limited project or a whole strategy process.

An external view on an association helps to see and build on strengths, helps to develop hidden and unused potential as well as to identify and eliminate weaknesses.

Our values

Good governance, consistent stakeholder involvement, demand-oriented services and added value for association members are at the forefront of our association management. Structures and processes are always dependent on the individual organization, its history, its goals and its culture. There is no such thing as “one fits all”, i.e. standard solutions that are simply imposed. Solutions have to be tailor-made.”

We deliver

Martin Bienlein offers you his rich expertise and many years of experience in association management and leadership. He advises associations on their organizational development. In doing so, he draws on experience gained over several decades and in various functions.

Martin Bienlein has joined the national hospital federation (H+) during a change process. He built up and consolidated the strategic unit Politics. During this time, H+ has become one of the leading associations in the health sector. Later, he himself led a change process for another association and brought it to a successful conclusion.

Martin Bienlein knows the needs of theboards of governors from his own experience. He has led a successful turnaround process as delegate of the board of governors.

Martin Bienlein has been active in various associations for many years and is still active today: aspresident of the patient organization “lupus suisse” with responsibility for finances and fundraising, as a board member of the Swiss Society for Health Policy SGGP, or as auditor of a neighborhood association; and formerly as a board member of an educational center in health care.

As President, member of the Executive Board and advisor, he is involved in strategy planning and im-plementation.

In professional association work, he has held responsibility for finances, personnel and organization. In 2021 he successfully passed the Leadership SVF exam. In addition to working in an office with thirty employees, Martin Bienlein is also familiar with the func-tioning of smaller associations that work on a voluntary basis.