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Previous activities

Experiences from which you profit

Martin Bienlein has over 20 years of practical experience in health policyand 17 years in a top Swiss political association.Previo He knows the mechanics of federal politics inside out. As a lobbyist, he is familiar how to proceed in order to achieve your political goals (public affairs).

From his many years of experience in various functions in associations and organizations, he is used to association management and accustumed how individual forces have to be integrated in order for the whole to function and be successful. As a manager and a member of strategic bodies, he has implemented association policy, strategy processes, change processes and a turnaround process. He has led a strategic unit in terms of personnel, organization and finances.

Martin Bienlein is at home inhealth as well as the education policyand has extended his experience to social policy (child protection) and tobacco control (prevention). Despite his management function, Martin Bienlein has not rested thematically, but has repeatedly worked on many different matters himself, including the social health insurance, tariffs, occupational health safety, radiation protection, helicopter landing pads, the care initiative and child protection. Some topics are close to his heart: rare diseases, old age, long-term care, palliative care and dementia.