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Public Affairs

You need

Your issues are not present in the public perception. our interests are not represented at all or not sufficiently in the legislative process in parliament. You are not familiar with the mechanics of federal legislation and implementation. You want professional representation of your interests, but you have no internal resources.

What is behind this?

Public affairs are the interaction of an association with its (political) environment. They can include monitoring or lobbying, i.e. influencing legislation (parliament) or its implementation (Federal Council and administration). This also includes public relations. Here, communication is often used to influence theimage and reputation of one’s own organization, in order to achieve the own goals. Issue management encompasses a wide range of activities related to a single issue. These activities might be monitoring, agenda setting, lobbying and public affairs, depending on the extent of the mandate.

Our values

“Getting associations and organizations more involved in politics strengthens civil society and our de-mocracy.”

We deliver

Martin Bienlein has represented the interests of the national hospital association H+ The Swiss Hospital Federation (H+) in national politics for 17 years. He is known, has a network and is respected by his partners. He has accompanied many legislations, many from beginning to end, including. all major social health insurance revisions. He has sat on working groups of the partners and of the federal administration as well as represented H+ at parliamentary hearings.

He knows the mechanics of federal government, politics,law making and policy implementation. He values the elected representatives as partners and enjoys working with them. Sketching a stakeholder map. Knowing the issues and responding to the needs and values of the target group with good arguments, as well as pursuing the issue until the goal is achieved. These are his working methods

Martin Bienlein works with and for Krauthammer & Partner. Pascal Krauthammer’s agency is strong in communication and public affairs.